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Majalis is pleased to present the future release of two books written by Abdoul Aziz Mbacke.


Exploring the Philosophy of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba

The African Muslim Leader of Nonviolence

The first book (presently in prepublication will soon be officially available both in English and in French) is an advanced study of the philosophy of the Servant of the Prophet, mostly regarding contemporary issues. JIHAD FOR PEACE is an attempt to explore untapped sources on the research field about Muridiya, which offers to the reader rare but yet unwritten perspectives on the thought of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba that will absolutely baffle more a researcher on the Muridiya and murid disciples as well. This striking contemporary relevance of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba’s thought displayed in the yet neglected study of his intellectual legacy (found in his own writings confronted to other parallel sources), and illustrated through the richness of the tackled themes pointing seemingly out an investigative field one cannot evade any more, in order to solve the problems the world is facing today. We can quote among the issues raised in this book:

- The message of peace and non-violence of Sheikh A. Bamba ( through knowledge and worshipping God) and its relevance in our heightened context of ideological and religious confrontation and negative prejudice about Islam.

- The conditions for global peace in the world today, according to the spiritual perspective of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba which put into question the humanistic values inherited from the Enlightment, human Rights in the western conception, materialism, and the values of freedom as promulgated nowadays by the globalization.

-The shortcomings, flaws and limits of today’s and previous research on the Muridiya, influenced by the lack of serious studies about the true background of his founder, his literary work, though fundamental source of the murid ideology

 -Analysis, from his viewpoint, of the problematic of the holy city of Touba, as a spiritual and temporal (not a utopia), study of the murid doctrine of work and its true theoretical basis, ignored by nowadays research.

-The global and unique approach of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba on the unicity of the Muslim community and of its fundamental spiritual and theological unity in spite of all ideological and semantic divergences, the eternal sources of discord and division among Muslims

-Analysis of Sheikh Ahmadu Bamba’s conception toward the Muridiya: did he really intent to found a brotherhood? In order words what is truly the Muridiya? A doctrine or a brotherhood according to the Sheikh?

- Progress and modernity of the Murid thought on the general concept of progress and innovation in Islam: the social positive discrimination of the Sheik, women’ status, adaptation of traditional methods, Murid grounds for “yes we can”  philosophy etc.

- New basis for thorough research on the intellectual work of Sheikh A. Bamba after the analysis of the drawbacks of Marxist methodology and of Marty’s recuring paradigms.

- Wolof poets and authors work relevancy in regard of the promotion of the Murid doctrine within the social and popular representations.

- The controversial issue of the Murids’ political commitment and its fundamental doctrinal bases ignored by past research: vote-catching or spiritual vision of the City? Perspectives ignored up till now about this issue.

There is no doubt that the relevance and the richness of these analyses, which offer very new lines of thoughts, will assuredly challenge many perspectives which were up to now, for lack of challenging material data, considered as accepted notions for mot of the researchers. They will also consider this work as an upfront reference material in the study of Sheikh A. Bamba’s thought for the whole world in general and for the English speaking world in particular, due to the fact that English is nowadays the most spoken international language, and there is a dearth of internal rigorous studies on the ideology of the Sheikh in English.

JHAD FOR PEACE might be an important milestone, at the dawn of the century, for future research on the philosophy of the servant of the Prophet Muhamad (PBUH).The public will be informed of its the official release both in French and English. You can download the first pages at the following link: www.majalis.org/masalik/pdf/Jihad1.pdf

The second book WAYS UNTO HEAVEN is the English translation of 1563 verses of Sheikh A. Bamba’s major work Masaalikul Jinan( les Itineraires du Paradis), which was first translated by the late Serigne Sam Mbaye ( May the Lord reward Him for his work)

This English translation is abundantly commented and has many footnotes in order to clarify the points of views and references of the author, a biography of the quoted authors, a biography of the Sheikh for English readers, a presentation of the Town of Tuubaa, photos and drawings. The translation style follows is the classic Quran translation as done by Yussuf Ali in his remarkable and famous translation of the Quran.

WAYS UNTO HEAVEN will introduce English readers, from different horizons, to the Sufi conception of the Sheikh and his analysis regarding spiritual issues for those concerned with purifying their hearts and illnesses hindering man from getting nearer to his Lord.   You can download the first pages at the following link: www.majalis.org/masalik/pdf/Jihad1.pdf

You can still buy the book online at the following address http://www.lulu.com/content/5863526 or contact a Majalis official representative nearest your location(less expensive).The list of representatives (dahiras or individuals) will soon be available on Majalis website. If you would like to be part of the distributors in your area you can contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The actual price is momentarily and slightly discounted in order to offer the opportunity to good willing people to contribute to the funding of research and to support Majalis activities.

In collaboration with Murid disciples, dahiras, and the murid leadership, residing in Senegal or abroad, Majalis plans to offer a regular distribution of the books above all in the following English  speaking countries: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Philippines,  India, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Gambia, China, etc. Universities, resource centers, and libraries are the first targets.

Thus Majalis intends to make these books on the intellectual legacy of Sheikh A. Bamba available and free of charge at American, Canadian, and English universities, as well at all Keur (house of) Serigne Tuubaa abroad. These books donations will be funded by the funds collected by the global sale and individual contributions. Thus a list of sponsors including individual donors and the Murid leadership (dahiras, organization, firms etc.) around the world will be put into place. To be part of that list contact Majalis at the following address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You can also make donation online by Paypal at the following link:

For more information and details feel free to contact:

Senegal: S. Abdu Aziz Majalis (221) 77 657 8212

USA (North Carolina): Cheikh Bara Kanji: (1) 919 622 5261

A future book signing ceremony will held as well shows in different languages about the topics dealt with in the book, and how important it is, from now on, to encourage such initiatives. The general caliph of Muridiya, Sheikh Muhamad Al Amine Bara Mbacke gave his blessings to the initiative when he received his copies of the books. They will also be sent to the different Muridiya leaders for their blessings and support, but also to some local authorities that might be interested in the research field of Sheikh A. Bamba’s though in English (Embassies, libraries, resource centers, institutes, universities, media etc.)  



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